Useful Real Estate Web Sites

Here’s a short list of some of the more useful real estate and real estate related sites on the web. When you click on any of the links below, you’ll see the site you chose, along with a form at the bottom of your screen. Use it to get answers for any questions you might have about anything you find. 

Remember: It’s my job to know more about real estate than any web site! 

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Do You Have a Real Estate Related Question? I Will Email You an Answer Quickly.

As a top Lake Havasu real estate expert, it’s my job to help! Please take advantage of my experience and knowledge. 

Ask me anything about: 

– Any particular home that is or was on the market. 

– Neighborhoods and local market trends. 

– Local demographics and the economy. 

– Tricks and traps when buying real estate in this area. 

– Special tax considerations regarding real estate. 

– Specific questions about contracts, escrow, and closings. 

– Anything real estate! 

The Best Mortgage Calculators On the Web!

Please try my Java loan and mortgage calculators. They take a minute to load, but they are worth it! 

Each calculator has dynamic graphs and charts that change – right before your eyes – as you enter different information. Try each calculator with different interest rates, loan amounts, and payment schedules. 

The mortgage repayment schedule and other reports are fully customizable – just for your home, your interest rate, your loan amount, your taxes, and more. 

Would you like a print out, for your records and future reference? Each calculator includes a View Report button. Click it, hit print, and you have a report, customized just for you… 

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